Ayako and I just got back from Maifest in Lincoln Square, Chicago’s German enclave. Beer in disturbingly large steins was quaffed. Melt-in-your-mouth soft brats were consumed. Children cruelly forced by their parents to don lederhosen and dance the polka in front of hundreds of drunk people were watched, mocked, and pitied. Most importantly, the eternal question was pondered: do the Germans call them Maifest (which takes place in June) and Oktoberfest (celebrated in September) because they’re using an older calender, or are they just too drunk to care?



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  1. i missed it this year DAMMIT. Lara and I took one of her friends to maifest a few years back and good lord those were some tasty giant beers. Good thing there was a starbucks every few blocks along the route home.

  2. Hey Austin – I too usually stop by this every year and have a great time. However, as some German friends informed me, there is no “Maifest” in Germany. It seems to be an invention of the Lincoln Square folk. And Germans hate Oktoberfest because of all of the damn drunk tourists.

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