House of the Rising Sun

Well, children, I am heading off to Japan bright and early tomorrow morning. We’ll be there until September 14th, when we will board a plane in Tokyo at 3 pm, spend 12 hours in a time that is not time, and magically land in the U.S. two hours before we took off.

Unfortunately, this means you will be without my beautiful blogging for a week and a half. If I have down time and wish to regale you with tales of my adventures in that far away land, I will try to post. However, Japan is a primitive country without electricity, running water, or (as yet) sex robots, so it’s doubtful I will be able to find a way to connect my netbook to the series of tubes and ducts that is the Widely Worldly Web of Internets. The very Internets on which you are reading this Blog.

I hope you will find a way to cope. I recommend alcohol.


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