The Return of the Austin

Well, I’m back. Japan was great. We hit the Tsukiji Fish Market at dawn, listened to the chant-like calls of the tuna auction and ate otoro that tasted even better than the blood of Christian children. We went to the Ghibli Museum and overdosed on gorgeous, soulful whimsy.

We saw Mt. Fuji from the bullet train, and were overjoyed by the fact that The Most Awkward Dinner in Human History turned out to be not awkward at all. We toured Kobe, cruised the Inland Sea, and looked down from Mt. Maya as the Hanshin megalopolis outshone the stars. We marveled at the glories of ancient Nara and were attacked by hordes of holy deer.

We acknowledged the existence of Fukushima City, and then went to Sendai instead. We went inside Tsuruga Castle but didn’t see it. We sat in a hot spring and listened to the rush of a river below as we watched mist dance on the green mountain sides. We wandered among the old thatched-roof houses of Oouchi-juku and admired the breathtaking scenery of the Tohoku countryside.

I fell asleep in a Tokyo Denny’s.

It was fun.


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  1. of course i’m now dying of curiosity over the Most Awkward Dinner in Human History…

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