Ayako and I are heading off to Charleston tomorrow to celebrate Christmas the way it is meant to be celebrated: in a temperate place utterly devoid of snow. I’m excited. You see, I’ve been a good boy this year, so my parents promised me that on Friday night, when it’s darkest, when we’re all sleeping, a fat bearded man will break into our house and put candy in our socks.

After Christmas, we’ll be heading to Atlanta to ring in the new year in the city immortalized in the U2 song “Where the Streets Have One Name, and That Name Is Peachtree Street.”

As such, I will probably be blogging less than usual, as the holidays are a time when we put aside modern brain-rotting activities like the Internet, and turn to traditional brain-rotting activities like eating dozens of sugar cookies while listening to Manheim Steamroller’s aggressively soft version of “Deck the Halls” on repeat.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, or whatever winter solstice holiday your religion stole from the pagans! And a Happy New Year!


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