A Gilkeson Always Pays His Debts

Well, I’m back. I apologize for my absence. I am dearly sorry for the two-months’ worth of dust that has gathered on this blog, clinging fiercely to “The Abyss” entry. I did not mean to be away so long. Sometimes these things happen.

Now, to assuage your worst fear: no, dear Reader, I have not stopped writing. I’ve pressed on with Kumiko. A few more Mab stories have found their way from the dark, squishy corners of my brain into the whirring electronic brain of this computer. I’ve even written a few blog-like things. I just stopped writing here.

I know, I know, you feel abandoned, like a child whose father left on Christmas to go buy cigarettes and then showed up again two months later without cigarettes. I understand. But I had my reasons, my excuses.

1.) It’s come to my attention that publishing anything on a blog more or less counts as “previously published” in this wacky web of ours. Anything posted here cannot be published elsewhere. This is understandable from a journal/magazine’s point of view. The line between “published” and “just on the Internet” these days is thin and blurry, if it exists at all anymore. Though it is sort of funny given my astronomically low readership (which is why I appreciate all of you even more. Rest assured, once I have JK Rowling-levels of fame and fortune, I will forget all of you). Which is why I’ve written a lot of stuff that hasn’t ended up here. It’s been written, but I keep it hidden away in my cave like Dobby hiding the One Ring in Prince Caspian.

2.) Work has been busy and stressful. And, yeah, everyone’s work is busy and stressful, but here’s what’s different about my work: I am lazy and easily distracted.

But I’m back now! And I will continue to be back, writing inane blog posts for your amusement. So, without further ado, here are some random thoughts on the HBO show Game of Thrones for you to enjoy!

I ended up watching most of Games of Thrones even though I wasn’t sure I would. George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire books are brilliant, yes, and I was eager to see how Winterfell, the Eeyrie, and the Wall would be realized, but they’re also… um… kind of bummers. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to experience the trauma again. But the show did a great job of adapting the books. I felt the direction was hit-and-miss and was way too in love with its ability to showcase boobs, but the writing was good, the art direction brilliant given the limited budget, and the cast was amazing. Sean Bean really brought out Ned Stark’s stubborn, futile nobility, Michelle Fairley has really made Cat Stark an intriguing and intimidating character, and in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s performance as Jaime Lannister we can already see the seeds of that character’s later narrative arc (his scene with Cat Stark in the finale was brilliantly played. It’s easy to see how this Jaime ends up the Jaime of A Feast for Crows). I’d compliment Peter Dinklage’s performance as Tyrion Lannister, except all I can say that Tyrion Lannister was born to be played by Peter Dinklage.

Even the child actors have turned in great performances. Maisie Williams is Arya Stark (seriously. I imagine that right now, while the show is on hiatus, Williams is running around the canals of Venice slicing the throats of any deserters from Hadrian’s Wall she finds). Isaac Hempsted-Wright has really nailed the innocent gravitas of Bran, even while the character has been somewhat underutilized this season. Surprisingly, I think my favorite actor may be Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon, the boy-king who redefines the term “evil little shit.” In the books, Joffrey is an insufferable, whiny jerk, but Gleeson has really played up Joff’s menace. He’s not just an insufferable, whiny jerk, he’s now a scary, insufferable, whiny jerk. This kid would make his doppleganger Draco Malfoy wet himself at first sight.

I’m looking forward to Season 2, and to A Dance With Dragons (the fifth book) coming out next month! Appropriately enough, it will be my reading material in August when Ayako and I are off to the land of ice and fire, Iceland. Gods willing, we’ll see us some dragons and White Walkers, or at least a couple of Bjorks.



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  1. firstly, I look forward to being utterly forgotten by you as you reach the stratospheric heights of “Literary Celebrity” (/oxymoron’d). And I am pleased that yet another of my friends has given Game of Thrones a critical pat on the back. Did you know I still haven’t read Feast of Crows yet? Well I haven’t. I plan to do so as a warm up exercise for Dirty Dancing with Dragons: Havana Knights.

    Lara and I eagerly await the DVD release of GoT along with Community season 2. In fact, you can save yourself some considerable pain and just not bring up Community season 2 (if you’ve seen it) when you visit because Lara might beat the details out of you. She got this faraway look in her eyes when I told her ‘Sawyer’ would be on the show alongside McHale.

  2. Dirty Dancing with Dragons: Havana Knights is the greatest movie that will sadly never be made.

    And worry not, I won’t say anything about Community Season 2, which I have seen. I will say, I just, I mean, just don’t get too attached to Troy, okay? I wanna save you some heartbreak here. I won’t say anything else. Just, y’know, Troy, don’t invest too much into him because… ah hell, well, he goes to Abed and Annie’s wedding and Pierce has secretly switched allegiances and stabs Troy after saying “Jeff Winger sends his regards” and then they cut off his head and sew Chang’s head on top. Just… ah, I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry.

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