Mab’s Magical Merchandise

I know that for most of you, oh my loyal tens of readers, after you finish reading a Mab Ipswich story in Underneath the Juniper Tree, on this blog, or just in your dark dreams, your first thought is, “that was so much better than Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom.” The second thought is, “I wish I could share my love of Mab with the world while simultaneously protecting my smart phone from damage.” Well, readers, your strange, disturbing wishes have come true!

Marcela Vargas, the talented artist who did the amazing illustrations for my story The Monster and Mab Ipswich in the UTJT February Issue, has an online store where you can get prints of her work, along with iPhone/iPod cases and covers, laptop covers, t-shirts, and even hoodies.

One of her works currently available as a print and upper-torso/electronic device cover is the main illustration done for my story. It shows Mab walking to school with her Yedoese Omukada monster on a leash, surrounded by flying homework dragons (if you don’t know what those are, click the links above and read the story!)

So, if you’d like Mab on your wall, smart phone, iPad, iPod, laptop, or chest (and who wouldn’t), head on over to the Little Miss Machete Store, and drape your life in monsters and Mab!



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  1. well, since my current Verizon contract expired 3 years ago and I’ve been meaning to get a smartphone, possibly an iPhone, well, let’s just say if I ever give up flip-phonosity, that there’s the cover I’ll get.

  2. Just had a dougery moment and finally upgraded my phone. Guess who just ordered a Mab iPhone cover??? So psyched!!!

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