Revenge of the Bachelor

Ayako is heading to Tokyo for a week. As I’ve said before, the official story is that she’s going on an accounting business trip. Unofficially, I suspect she’ll be there to prevent a Godzilla-worshipping cult from using a stolen Russian nuke to set off a Mt. Fuji eruption that will resurrect their angry, rubbery god.

I will miss her desperately, but am more confident in my ability to maintain the basic living standards of a homo sapien this time around. After all, I made it through her previous two week absence without a hitch, other than briefly developing scurvy (I ate a few bags of Skittles and was fine). This time she’ll only be gone a little over a week, which probably isn’t even enough time to come down with a 19th Century maritime disease no matter how poorly I manage my own existence. I anticipate that the number of raccoons and feral cats nesting in our apartment when she returns will be small. Puny. Not even enough to really comment on, other than the smell and the need to get a rabies vaccine.

In other words, progress.


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