Scarily Shameless Spooky Story Halloween Extravaganza

The Monster by Marcela Vargas

It’s Halloween. The veil between our world and the Other World has been rent. Dark things are stirring in dusty corners. The shadows are creeping into this petty place.

Allow me to get you in the mood.

As you probably know, I tend to write a lot of Halloween-esque stuff. Witches and spiders are my bread and butter, and nothing tickles my twisted fancy more than an especially creepy and deranged Japanese monster. I plug away at my dark stories year round, even in the bright and cheerful summer sun, but today is the day of all days when they seem most fit for reading. The day when the world is draped in cobwebs and monsters prowl the streets.

You see, it’s always Halloween Underneath the Juniper Tree. What better way to get in the spirit of Samhain than reading the creepy, spooky, and macabre tales in its dark pages? The full issues can be read here:

Now, if you like your Halloween spirits more mischievous and magical, then you’ll enjoy the misadventures of the wicked witch Mab Ipswich that have been published in Underneath the Juniper Tree over the past year. It all begins with Mab Ipswich: The Wickedest Witch, continues in Mab Ipswich & The Stinking Storm, gets especially monstrous in The Monster & Mab Ipswich, and comes to a chilling, thrilling conclusion (so far) in Mab Ipswich Vs. Principal Goblinson

Those of you more into pure horror of the fanged, eight-legged, Japanese variety, should chill your bones with my story published earlier this year in Juniper Tree, The Web at the End of the Woods.

And though Halloween isn’t a Japanese holiday, the Land of the Rising Sun has a rich tradition of monsters (as you’ll find if you read the cell phone ghost and spider stories above), some of whom I have chronicled on this blog. Click on the Japanese Monsters tag below and you’ll find where they lurk.

Even if you think I suck, definitely check out all the scary, spooky stories in the issues of Underneath the Juniper Tree! They’re the perfect thing to read tonight as the ghosts and ghouls come a-calling.

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