The Writing Year in Review

It's become obligatory to start any year-end review by noting that 2017 was a gaping hell pit of a year and it was. So, there you go. Personally speaking, it was pretty good, despite the blazing horrors going on around us. My son turned three and watching him grow and learn remains the most profound … Continue reading The Writing Year in Review

The Gods of Ghibli

I have a new essay up at, about the gods and spirits in the films of Hayao Miyazaki, their often fraught relationship with mankind, and their uneasy overlap with Japanese Shintoism and Buddhism-- "Gods and Spirits (....and Whatever Totoro Is): Exploring Miyazaki's Fantasy World." Miyazaki's movies aren't religious or even mythological, at least in … Continue reading The Gods of Ghibli


I am delighted to announce that I have signed with a literary agent, the awesome Maria Vicente of P.S. Literary Agency! Maria will be representing me and my book, the middle-grade modern fantasy Mab Ipswich, or The Wickedest Witch  on the journey through the wooly wilds of Publishing. I am excited to work with Maria, not only because she … Continue reading Agented!