I am delighted to announce that I have signed with a literary agent, the awesome Maria Vicente of P.S. Literary Agency! Maria will be representing me and my book, the middle-grade modern fantasy Mab Ipswich, or The Wickedest Witch  on the journey through the wooly wilds of Publishing. I am excited to work with Maria, not only because she … Continue reading Agented!

A Querying We Shall Go

So, my middle-grade fantasy book Mab Ipswich, or The Wickedest Witch is done. Beta-read. Rewritten. Edited. Polished. Querified. And now out in the world in the hands of literary agents who will decide, based on the book's strengths, if they want to sign me as a client. It's nerve-wracking. We spend so much of our time … Continue reading A Querying We Shall Go

The Monsters That Dwell Underneath the Juniper Tree

Over the past 10 months, I've had the privilege to be part of the wonderful, demented group of writers and artists at Underneath the Juniper Tree. The magazine gave me my first fiction publishing credit and is where Mab Ipswich and Kuwa Ibukishita made their wicked debuts. Underneath the Juniper Tree is first and foremost a … Continue reading The Monsters That Dwell Underneath the Juniper Tree

The Monster & Mab Ipswich

The wickedest witch returns! I'm pleased to announce that the February Issue of Underneath the Juniper Tree is out, and my short story The Monster and Mab Ipswich is in it! You can check it out here ( on pages 44-53! The story also features 3 amazing illustrations by Marcela Vargas. You can see more of … Continue reading The Monster & Mab Ipswich