Swordfighting for Babies

My son and I had a swordfight yesterday. It was our first duel. He is 10 months old. The swords were foam. We were in the toy aisle at Walgreens. And it was less a fight than me handing him a foam sword and then gently hitting it with my foam sword while he giggled … Continue reading Swordfighting for Babies

A Querying We Shall Go

So, my middle-grade fantasy book Mab Ipswich, or The Wickedest Witch is done. Beta-read. Rewritten. Edited. Polished. Querified. And now out in the world in the hands of literary agents who will decide, based on the book's strengths, if they want to sign me as a client. It's nerve-wracking. We spend so much of our time … Continue reading A Querying We Shall Go