Mab Ipswich

Mab Ipswich and the Skull of Althazaar, by Ken Lamug
Mab Ipswich and Mrs. Johnson, by Ken Lamug

Mab Ipswich is the only witch and the worst student at East Wyrm School. She has orange eyes, a pointy black hat, and some kids say she has spiders living in her armpits. Her fifth grade classmates think she looks weird and acts weirder, and her teachers think she’s disruptive, disrespectful, and maybe a little dangerous. But Mab is tired of staying in the shadows, and this year she’s going to make life at school more cursed—and charmed—than ever before.

Mab has also appeared in a few short stories published in the children’s literary magazine Underneath the Juniper Tree and the YA fantasy podcast Cast of Wonders. Check them out below!

The Ghost of Grammy Goneril (audio story), Cast of Wonders, Episode 140

The Ghost of Grammy Goneril, Underneath the Juniper Tree, Halloween 2013

Mab Ipswich and the Skull of Althazaar, Underneath the Juniper Tree, Spring 2013

Mab Ipswich Vs. Principal Goblinson, Underneath the Juniper Tree, March 2012

The Monster and Mab Ipswich, Underneath the Juniper Tree, Feb. 2012; Underneath the Juniper Tree 2012 Anthology

Mab Ipswich and the Stinking Storm, Underneath the Juniper Tree, Winter 2011

Mab Ipswich: The Wickedest Witch, Underneath the Juniper Tree, Nov. 2011


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